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    Dain All-Wheel Drive. The Dain All-Wheel Drive was the first tractor produced by John Deere. In 1911, Deere purchased the Dain Manufacturing Company of Ottumwa, Iowa.

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    Antique John Deere tractor for sale. We do custom restoration and restore John Deere tractors. We have several John Deere Tractors for sale located in Central Illinois.

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    Torque and Rebuild Specifications for John Deere Powertech 4.5 Liter Engines Cylinder Liner Protrusion .001" - .004" Main Bearing Cap 100 ft. lbs.

  • What is the cylinder head torque specs on a john deere 60 ...

    The torque specifications, for your 2002 Kia cylinder head, is 120pounds per square inch. The head bolts should be torqued in 40pound intervals.

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    Explore a wide variety of hand tools from John Deere. Be assured to get the best quality whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a professional. Power Tools from John Deere.

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    John Deere "G" head: Valve sizes: Intake 2.850" Exhaust 2.650" 5" thickness, same as F485R unstyled head.

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    John Deere 3020 Parts in stock. Same-day shipping and easy returns. Compare our prices... We specialize in older tractors and have the correct parts for your John Deere 3020.

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    Howdy,I'm fixin to re-assemble my B engine and wanted to know if there are any specific things I should look for in assembly. Should I coat the head g