Tile Grout Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning

Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning

This is a ceramic tile floor that has been robbed of its luster due to layers of dirt sitting on the floor’s surface. Tile and grout cleaning is performed with our pressure washing equipment that picks up dirt and grime that everyday household cleaning tools cannot. This state of the art pressure washing technique removes the trapped dirt on your ceramic tile floor and grout, leaving no mess or over spray.¬†Grout and tile¬†cleaning is a non-restoration maintenance that can leave your ceramic tile looking better than ever.

Onyx Counter Repair
Onyx Counter Repair Before

Onyx Counter Repair Before

Onyx Counter Repair After

Onyx Counter Repair After

This is an Onyx Island that has been etched by an acidic beverage being placed directly on the stone. Our team provides stone restoration service that can bring back luster to even the most sensitive counters. We use diamond abrasive pads to correctly restore stone counters to a crystal clear level of clarity. After diamond honing and polishing this Onyx stone surface, the etched ring has been removed and the stone is back to a shiny, new state.

Stone Sink Repair
Stone Sink Repair Before

Travertine Sink Before

Stone Repair

Travertine Sink After

Here we have a carved travertine stone sink. After years of cooking in the kitchen you can see all of the dirt and grime that has contributed to developing holes like the ones in this travertine. Stone Restoration is the best way to bring travertine back through proper and careful stone restoration techniques. After our team cleaned, honed, and filled the holes of this travertine stone sink it is ready to be used like new once again!