Grout Cleaning

Grout Cleaning is nothing more that routine maintenance for your tile, stone and paver floors, walls, showers and counters.  The only question is how to address it.  Homeowner will scrub and housekeepers will scrub some more, but the grout still isn’t clean enough.  Even after using those miracle grout cleaning products, the tile grout is still dingy. Ever wonder why?

Tile grout is porous and the tiny pores will absorb dirt, oil and other contaminates.  The pores are so small that cleaning equipment – brushes & scrubbers are unable to reach the depths of the tile grout pores.  The best way to clean your tile & grout surfaces is with the use of high pressure, high heat water jets.  We provide grout cleaning by using a completely hooded system that gently removes all of the dirt from your tile, stone and grout surfaces without causing any mess to the rest of your home.  This process can be safely performed right at the edge of your cabinets, furniture and carpet without any worry.  Tile grout cleaning is quick and affordable, so why isn’t your grout as clean as it can be?

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