Marble Cleaning


Marble Cleaning is a service that is often requested, however not necessarily an accurate request.  It is true that marble cleaning can be required as any natural stone can accumulate dirt and become unsightly.  We are able to completely clean your travertine, marble, limestone or granite surfaces and restore them. 

Please keep in mind that marble cleaning will not affect the sheen or reflection of a marble stone, nor will it correct etch marks or scratches that have developed on the stone surface.  To correct these issues you will need marble honing or marble polishing in addition to marble cleaning.  We are a stone restoration company specializing on the art of marble polishing and other stone repair and refinishing,.  This is where we separate ourselves from your common stone cleaner or carpet cleaner.  Be careful whom you trust you stone restoration efforts to – not all providers are created equal.

Stone Repair Marble Polishing
Don’t forget, we offer a 100% guarantee in the simplest form – We do not accept deposits and only ask for payment when you are completely satisfied that we have delivered everything as promised.

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